This is my favorite band, or at least, the artists who sing my favorite song, which I call, “Rock ‘n Roll”. I know almost all the words. Other kids may listen to kiddie songs in the car, but I listen to Kiss.

My other favorites include:

The Candle Song (“Oh Yoko” by John Lennon)

The Other Candle Song (“because it’s light!”) (“When We Grow Up” from Free To Be You and Me)

The Oh Song (“Baby Baby” by Justin Bieber)

Beep Beep Yeah (“Drive My Car” by the Beatles)

The Funny Song (“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith)

The Pie Song (“Helping” from Free To Be You And Me)

#14 (“No Rain” by Blind Melon, which happens to be Track 14 on a mix CD)

The Fish Song (“Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid)

– Bert

Hey, it’s us.

We’re Bert (the girl, Hazel, Hazy, Hazelbert) and Duke (the boy, George, NOT Boy George, Georgie, Georges). Don’t question our nicknames.

Bert: I turn 3 in April. I like coloring, preferably with paint or Sharpies or anything that stains the furniture; dancing; skipping; watching Peppa Pig; reading, especially D.W. and Franklin books; playing with my babies, Purple Baby, Axl Baby, Sweet Pea, and Baby Shadow; and doing puzzles. I like rock ‘n roll and colorless foods. I like taking a bath but not rinsing my hair. I like donuts, specifically, “the kind you put in your mouth”.

Duke: I’m almost 5 (months old). I like my mom.