I’m 3, bridges.

Note: One time I called my mom a “bridge” and she got really mad because apparently she misheard me. What a bridge, am I right?

I’m telling you, nobody works a bounce house like me.

Anyway, I turned 3 last Saturday. I asked my parents for the following: two bounce houses (one shaped like a princess castle and one shaped like a choo choo train), a unicorn, pink napkins, a pink cake, pink cupcakes, a strawberry cake like Oma made for Nana on her 95th birthday, a pink raincoat, a new dress, and all my friends to come over. They didn’t deliver on everything, but I’m willing to overlook it because they did their best. Side note: “I do my best!” is one of my catch-phrases. I even have a ribbon that says it.

Highlights included:

  • My Oma & Grammy bringing extravagant amounts of treats, including a strawberry roll, pink cupcakes, pink-sprinkled cookies, pink #3 cookies.
  • My cousin Ry Ry and Auntie Dita making it even though Ry Ry had a soccer game and then they had a Nickelback concert to go to. (Ew, Nickelback! That’s what my dada said, at least.)
  • Appearances by some of my favorites, like Sean-O, Uncle Matt, Evie, Oscar, Dominic, Ellis, Lucas, & Harry
  • Rainbow cake (happy, Mama?)
  • Coloring the bottom of our feet with chalk
  • Bubbles

So anyway, here are some shots from my epic party:

Dreams do come true!

This is my dog, Beatz. Mama calls her the middle child. She’s allergic to everything, which probably includes rainbow cake. Oops.

Let me explain, Dada told me I didn’t get a goodie bag. At my own party! Don’t worry, I got one. Dads don’t know these things.

Apparently this rainbow cake was a pretty big deal. Something about staying up til midnight, lots of wine, yada yada yada. Sometimes I don’t know what my mom is talking about.

My friends Jessie & Michael came all the way from Brooklyn. It might have been for the rainbow cake.

Don’t worry, I only had the frosting.

Sunglasses and faux fur, Mama, really? What are we, Russian mafia?

My best friend, Evie. I’ll tell you what she really hearts: bouncy castles.

My crazy Aunt Albert was there.

Of course Duke was there. And of course he was drinking again.
(I kid, I kid, am I right, Child Services?)

Grammy & Oma doing some goodie bag manual labor, bless their hearts.

– Bert

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