Hazelbert: A Fashion Retrospective


  If I am an artist (and I am), this is my palette.

Below, I will share with you some of my recent sartorial maneuvers. 


This skirt is my favorite article of clothing. I call it my “ballerina skirt” and if I could, I’d wear it every day. That’s my Hello Kitty shirt and the shoes my Jamie, Uncle Marco, and Cassidy got for me. I told Mama those pants didn’t match, but she insisted they did. Stripes would have matched better; everyone knows that. Everyone but Mama.

Here I’m wearing my skater sweatshirt, which I never wear, but somehow Mama cajoled me into it. The important thing here is the accessories. That’s a bracelet I’m wearing as a headband. Mind blown? You’re welcome.

We were away for the weekend. Mama packed me 3 dresses but no leggings. Sometimes fashion mistakes turn into fashion victories. This time, I’m wearing a headband as a headband.

I picked out Duke’s and my outfit on this day. If you can’t read them, his shirt says, “I heart my sister” and mine says, “I’m the big sister”. In case there was any confusion as to whom Duke loves. Me, if you were still unsure. Also, those are my heart pants.

I have a pink Hello Kitty raincoat that I begged for for my birthday, but I still like to wear my ducky raincoat sometimes. I think it was a no-brainer with my flapper hat, striped leggings, and frog boots, n’est ce pas? The kid that isn’t me and doesn’t have a flapper hat is my friend, Lucas.

I believe layering is key when it comes to accessories. Mama calls me Mr. T when I do this, but I don’t know who that is, so I pity the fool who mentions him. (See what I did there?) You can’t see it under my layered accessories, but my shirt says Brooklyn, which is the name of my on-again off-again boyfriend from school. We’re off again. He knows what he did.

This is my princess dress. Mama doesn’t let me wear it out of the house (or I guess, beyond the front gate). Probably jealous. It wasn’t an intentional Disney reference with the boots, but kudos to you if you picked up on that.

What do you think of my fashion choices? Tell us in the comments section!*


*Note: I don’t actually give a poop what you think; but that’s how people usually end this type of fashion column, so I thought it sounded good. Other note: I do want comments though.


2 thoughts on “Hazelbert: A Fashion Retrospective

  1. Great style little one 🙂 You go ahead and wear whatever you want on your head….with or without leggings….be a rebel!

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