This one’s for you, Dada.

We just had Father’s Day. Oh, you did too? Does your dad take you to The Donut Place every Saturday for a special date where you get a birthday cake donut? Will your dad stil call you “buddy” the third time you wake him up in the middle of the night crying while he bounces you back to sleep? Does your dad make you mix CD’s with rare live Kiss shows and Free To Be You And Me tracks? Does your dad take you for 3 trips to the potty within a 10 minute span? Does your dad maintain a Buddha-like calm even after you spit in his face? Did your dad write a hilarious song about paper towels? Can your dad swaddle better than a Labor & Delivery ward nurse? Does your dad floss your teeth every night, sometimes while you cry, “I don’t want to floss!”? Does your dad let you eat shredded cheese right out of the bag while you help him make scrambled eggies? Can your dad fall down an entire set of stairs with you in his arms without harming a hair on your head?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

We made this video for our dad, because he’s the most SUPERSONIC dad out there. Check it.

– Bert & Duke

More Rules

I like to start my rules with, “And”, but whatever.

You may recall that I’ve previously posted about The Rule.¬†Well, there are other rules, you know. Here are a few I shared with Mama, Dada, Duke, and Grammy (via phone) in the car this morning.

Mama said, “we don’t hit our friends, right?”, and I agreed, and added the following:

  • And we don’t knock our friends’ houses down
  • And we don’t spit in our friends’ faces.
  • And we don’t push and beep our friends’ cars.
  • And we don’t poop on our friends’ cars.

There are other rules, but those are just the ones I came up with this morning.