New single drops from the Archaeologists

That’s Mama and I’s band/TV show, the Archaeologists. And this is our first single; it’s called “Skipping”. It’s about skipping and falling.

If you’d like to see how the Archaeologists came to be, let me know in the comments section. I have to make sure we’re not just talking to ourselves here. (I mean, on the blog; Duke talks to himself all the time.)

Child Protective Services

Dear Sirs and/or Madams,

I think you’ll find everything you need in the enclosed video. The perp (“Mama”), as we discussed, stole my prized possession (my drumstick), laughed, mocked me, and then laughed again. Later, she gave me a zerbert, although it was not captured on film.


George “Duke” O’Rourke

On Aging

Guys, I’m 10 now. I’m not gonna just sit here, in this gross microfiber glider and smile and clap like your little monkey. That’s 9-month old business.

Here’s what I am gonna do:
1) Check out this awesome brown blanket and not look at camera.
2) Assault this Pooh character who keeps looking at me like I owe him some donut.
4) Casually reach for donut and hope Mama’s too busy snapping photos to stop me.
5) Steady… steady…
6) Frosting! I understand now, Bert, I understand.
7) It feels so funny in your hands.
8) Slowly, slowly, so she doesn’t get antsy.
9) Look at camera. Throw her a bone.
10) Shove more frosting in mouth.
11) Leave mess in wake.
12) Leave Pooh in sorry, sorry shape. Tough break, sucker.

In other news:
• I have two teeth now (bottom front).
• I throw my arms up in the air on command (I’d be a model robbery victim).
• I eat everything now. Except Earth’s Best Organic Elmo Pasta.
• I worship Bert. Everything she does is funny, don’t you think?
• I like playing drums. Sometimes I carry my drumstick around with me everywhere, and if Mama tries to take it from me, I make my angriest sound.
• I say Dada more than Mama these days, which Mama doesn’t like.

– Duke

We created something new!

It’s called anti-advertising, and it works like this. Companies, like, say, Earth’s Best, pay people, say us, to not share their videos. Say, this one.

Earth’s Best Organic Elmo Pasta & Sauce. Your family may never recover.
(This tagline’s discontinued use is also for sale, Earth’s Best. Call us!)


– Bert & Duke