Nemo: It’s Not Just The Name Of A Character In A Movie We’re Too Young To Understand

So we had a big snowstorm last week; it was named Nemo. “Oh, like in Finding Nemo?” We don’t know what you’re talking about unless Nemo is a princess (Bert) or plays in the NFL (Duke). Seriously, that’s the extent of our TV/movie knowledge. Anyway, here we discuss the highs and lows of our wintry weekend, in the form of this photo essay.

Bert: I helped with the shoveling.
Duke: I was still putting on my snowsuit (these things take time).

Bert: Yeah, I guess it takes you a while to put on those PINK gloves.
Duke: Yes, yes it does.

Bert: Why back-to-back? Because it’s fun!
Duke: And because then the me one of us doesn’t fall over and cry while the you one of us laughs!

Bert: I heart snow, just like my gloves say!
Duke: If my gloves had words, they’d say, “I’m cold and I have snot frozen to my face and I’d rather be playing the spaghetti throwing game in Chair.”

Bert: You can’t see me because I’m hiding in a snow hole here!
Duke: I’m still thinking about the spaghetti throwing game here and getting increasingly angry.

Bert: Beatzie loves playing in the snow more than anything.
Duke: Incorrect. She likes the spaghetti throwing game more than playing in the snow.

Bert: Mama and I made a snowman and we named it lollipop.
Duke: Suckers. I was inside playing the animal cracker throwing game.

Bert: Admit it, Duke, you started liking the snow.
Duke: No. Okay, fine. Wheeeeee! Wheeee-enough. Spaghetti throwing time.

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