Ask Hazy: Episode 2 “Finances”

Bert ponders your latest queries.

Bert ponders your latest queries.

I’m back with my second episode. Today’s show is about money, which I know a little something about from my jobs as store owner, dishwasher, and chef. My store mainly sells jewelry, magnetic letters and numbers, and hair accessories, and most of the time, we will give you your money back with purchase (it’s a complicated business model, you wouldn’t understand). My dishwasher job pays “one hour” (again, don’t ask), and the specialities in my restaurant are sushi soup and mushroom with bologna. I usually wear a princess dress to work and loudly pronounce, “I’m going to work! I’ll be home by 6!”, because that’s what businesswomen do. (Right, mama? Right?)

A very special thank you to Mr. Holloway, who composed my theme song. I like it almost as much as Brass Monkey!

Anyway, you’re welcome for this financial advice.
– Bert

6 thoughts on “Ask Hazy: Episode 2 “Finances”

  1. This is great advice – I have a piggy bank full and I am going to count it all up to see if it gets to one.

    Could I get your advice on something else? What should I wear tomorrow?

    • Ms. Otto,
      I will add this question to the queue. I hope you didn’t mean tomorrow tomorrow! But if it’s urgent, I’d say you can’t go wrong with layers of things with hearts, polka dots, and stripes on them. You can literally never have too many layers. I’ll give it some more thought though.
      – Bert

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