Ask Hazy Episode 9: Pizza & Self-Control

Guys, sorry the show’s been on hiatus for so long. I won’t bore you with the production problems we’ve been having, but mainly they concern issues with our producer/director. I won’t name names. It rhymes with “Blama” though and she’s somewhere around here so I’ve already said too much. Also, I’ve been pretty busy with my fashion line, restaurant business, and parenting of Justin Steven Beyoncé, Purple Baby, Sweet Pea, and Red Sox Baby.

Anyway, we’re back! This episode’s question comes from good friend of the show (and its composer!), Joseph H. And it’s about pizza, which I love and Duke inexplicably doesn’t like. This morning, Duke found a dried up piece of something on his copy of Goodnight Moon and attempted to eat it. But pizza? “No like.”

Watch EPISODE 9 here.

Now that we’re back in production, we’re ready to take your questions. Add them in the comments please.

Also, should we do an outtakes reel?


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