What I’ve Learned at Disney


Bert and I are at Disney for the week with Mama and Dada. It’s pretty cool. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Ariel is the best princess. I’ll share some photos of her later. Minnie Mouse, on the other hand, is a terrifying monster who should stay away! Stay away, mouse!
  • You can have apple juice every day here! Magical, indeed.
  • “All you can eat” is quite a lot. Then you can eat it again after it comes out of your mouth into your hand while Mama has her back turned. When she says, “where did you get that?”, don’t answer. She’ll take it away.
  • Don’t throw your fork off the balcony while you’re talking to the peoples. Or the tractor man. 
  • I’m totally fine not taking a nap. I…what? Give me that cheese! I don’t care if that’s butter! Give me the cheese butter! I don’t want this milk! Throw this milk! Throw fork! Mad! Crying! Tears! No! No NO NO! NO bread! Throw bread! Pasta? Okay. Pasta, okay. 

I’ll give a further report with photos when I get back. 

– Duke

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