Photo Seat

Here’s where I eat things and Mama takes pictures of me.


I don’t remember what this was, but I liked it. So, it was probably apples. Or cheese. Or veggie fries. Or did I say cheese?


After this, Mama said she was never gonna give me another yogurt stick with a bagel. Or another yogurt stick for that matter. She’s also since banned bagels. (Something about just eating the cream cheese.)


Yogurt stick ban was lifted when I made this face and agreed to eat it in non-stick fashion (in a bowl).


We’re probably headed for a pita ban.


I have a photo chair at Oma & Opa’s too! And it comes with a free Teddy underneath it.


I had to get my hair cut in the photo chair once. Never again.


No bib? No problem, I’ll keep things neat. #yogurtbanreinstated


I have a secret! (It’s that I had spaghetti before this ice cream sandwich.)

See you around in the photo chair.

– Duke

MTV Crib

Here’s my crib, complete with crib.

Literally, here’s my crib.


When Mama went with a robot theme for my room, Oma said, “Aren’t you worried he’ll be scared?”. Needless to say, I’ve lived my entire 26 months of life in abject fear. Looks at these fearful beasts!


Beep Boop we are terrifying clank clank!

Another vicious nightmare, this one from my friend Baby Handsome’s parents


Mama’s friend Ms. Kat Lam is in on it too.


Terrifying robot char with Little Pigeons on it. Why, Santa, why?!


I have a lot of books, but I read the same ones all the time: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baby Baa Baa, Counting Kittens, and Little Pigeons (Goodnight Moon). Notice the killer robot hidden amongst my guys. 


My clothes. What? You can never have too much flannel. Ask my dad.

And here's my full closet, complete with shoe, tie, and bib collection. What? I dress up sometimes and I drool always.

And here’s my full closet, complete with shoe, tie, and bib collection. What? I dress up sometimes and I drool always.

I forgot to photograph my vehicles. I have a red car with a blue handle, pretty sweet. And a motorcycle. Probably a Fisher-Price.

– Duke

Quick Chat


Here is what seems like an incoherent string of thoughts about Little Mermaid characters and the greatest book of all time, Little Pigeons, but would be probably called cinematic genius if I told you Nicolas Winding Refn directed it. Regardless, you should probably watch this. Stay tuned to find out who’s going to see fireworks (me!) and who should go down to the toy pit (Dada!). Oops, spoiler alerts.
– Duke

The Rest of Snow Day!

Here’s what we did after naps:

Hope you enjoyed your snow day too!

– Bert & Duke

Snow Day!

Here’s what we did before noon today.

How about you?

– Bert & Duke

Bert & Duke: 2013 The Year in Review


2013 was a pretty good year. Bert turned 4 with a bouncy house gala and Duke turned 2 in seersucker no less. Here are some of the highlights:

• We survived Hurricane Nemo in February! Bert thought it was fun; Duke did not.

• Also in February, the groundbreaking Ask Hazy Show premiered. Viewers have called it “cute” and “hilarious”, and frankly, are somewhat patronizing. (There are now 11 episodes!)

• Of course, then Duke tried to copy me with the Ask George show, which debuted to dismal ratings. [Duke’s note: we never gave it a chance to catch on with fans!]

• We realized we’re best friends!

• Duke revealed he’s got made skills with the sticks.

• We had our first Very Special Episode of the Ask Hazy show for my friend Sienna.

• We taught kids everywhere how to make life more interesting for their parents. You’re welcome, parents.

• We realized that with our modeling skills, we shouldn’t be getting out of bed for anything less than $10,000 or at least, like, 10 M&M’s.

• We gave some tips for cheering up Miss Dussia-Elliot or people with simpler names.

• We taught a class on dominating musica class.

• Everyone learned, don’t take Bert’s fork.

• We celebrated the best dad (around). Spoiler alert: it’s ours.

• We mourned the loss of a friend fart cushion.

• Bert reminisced to a simpler time, before Duke (!).

• Bert reached semi-international fame, thanks to mommyshorts.

• Duke tried (and failed) with another show. [Duke’s note: Come on!]

• We had a special guest star on the show. And by “the show”, obviously we mean Ask Hazy. [Duke’s note: no, we don’t!]

• Duke explained the deal with the bibs.

• Something beyond horrible happened to Bert.

Santa came! He failed to bring Halloween shoes or a real robot though.

Happy New Year!

– Bert & Duke