Photo Seat

Here’s where I eat things and Mama takes pictures of me.


I don’t remember what this was, but I liked it. So, it was probably apples. Or cheese. Or veggie fries. Or did I say cheese?


After this, Mama said she was never gonna give me another yogurt stick with a bagel. Or another yogurt stick for that matter. She’s also since banned bagels. (Something about just eating the cream cheese.)


Yogurt stick ban was lifted when I made this face and agreed to eat it in non-stick fashion (in a bowl).


We’re probably headed for a pita ban.


I have a photo chair at Oma & Opa’s too! And it comes with a free Teddy underneath it.


I had to get my hair cut in the photo chair once. Never again.


No bib? No problem, I’ll keep things neat. #yogurtbanreinstated


I have a secret! (It’s that I had spaghetti before this ice cream sandwich.)

See you around in the photo chair.

– Duke

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