Wake Up Call(s)

It’s been a while since we did a public service announcement. In this post, we’re gonna teach you when it’s appropriate to yell for your Mama and/or Dada after they’ve put you to bed and walked all the way back downstairs. The short answer: anytime!


“It’s too bright in here!” is something you could yell to make your parents come upstairs.


Once in a while, ask for cake at 4 am. You know what they say, “it never hurts to ask”.

But here are some specific circumstances:

  • You thought you saw a face in your closet (the one you made your mom leave open, with a light on inside).
  • You’re thirsty.
  • You have to pee.
  • You peed in your bed.
  • Your Twilight Turtle™ turned off, as it automatically does after 45 minutes.
  • You’re too hot.
  • You’re too cold.
  • Your sock fell off.
  • There’s a weird shadow in the corner (due to the closet light).
  • Mama or Dada forgot to turn on your frog/elephant (humidifier).
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You just felt like yelling that.
  • Nightmare
  • You forgot to tell Mama about the Lego tower you made for her.
  • Your lips are dry.
  • Your mouth hurts. When Mama asks, “Where in your mouth?”, point to your nose.
  • You just can’t. stop. crying.
  • They went out on a date and had a few drinks.
  • They have to get up early tomorrow.
  • You want your Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You don’t like Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You want to go uppy.

You’re welcome!

Call you later, Mama & Dada.

– Bert & Duke

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