Super Bert & Super Duke

A little while ago, this happened:

We're America and Princess Hazel!

We’re America and Princess Hazel!

Mama’s friend Dan saw this on Facebook and promptly said, “I’m sending him some super hero costumes”. I guess he didn’t understand that America is a superhero, a superhero who wears a red, white & blue tutu and his sister’s sunglasses. But, good thing he didn’t get it. Because then he sent us this:

We're gonna need a sibling, Mama.

We’re gonna need a sibling, Mama.

And then this happened:


Batman wears pink tights with stars, right?


Here, we’re conferring on our catch phrase.


We never did figure one out.


Batman, we’re doing a thing here!


Batman, action poses! Come on!


I have no idea how Supergirl wears this thing. It’s no tutu.


Did the real Batman help tie the real Robin’s mask on? I bet he did.

If you need any crimes solved, let us know. Our super powers include room-destroying, insta-crying, song-writing, and sock-sliding. So, pretty much everything.

– Super Bert & Super Duke

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