Snow Day(s)!!!

On Monday, school closed early. Then on Tuesday, we had a snow day! Then on Wednesday, we had ANOTHER SNOW DAY! Needless to say, it was awesome.

Here are a few things we did during the snow days:
• Watched Dada snow-blow, and shovel, and snow-blow some more.
• Watched Twisted Sister video, got upset about mean teacher guy
• Made things with Magnatiles, including an ambulance garage and a party house.
• Fought over Magnatiles.
• Told on each other re: Magnatile fights.
• Made stuff with Legos, including cars of the future: 1) car where you enter your arrival time in the cash register and it drives you there on time, and 2) car with a traffic light on the back that tells other people when they should stop or slow down.
• Played in the snow (duh), including: making Dada build us snow forts and snow thrones; attempting to walk in snow; sledding down the lame non-hill and the super big hill, which was awesome/terrifying, depending on whom you ask; taking 20 minutes to put on all our snow stuff and then deciding after 20 seconds outside that it’s too cold
• Played with train table.
• Helped Dada make grocery list and go shopping.
• Learned it’s spelled “cashews”, not kashoes.
• Watched Beatz go crazy in the snow.
• Picked up all the best snowballs, especially the big ones.
• Made Mama read The Day The Crayons Quit three times.
• Made sugar cookies and doused them in sugar frosting and sugar sprinkles with our friends, Lucas & Camille
• Sang “Mean”, “Roar”, and “Rock ‘n Roll All Night” on Singtrix auto-tune karaoke machine.
• Got in trouble for turning on karaoke disco ball by yourselves and then fighting about who did it.
• Played dress up
• Watched Tangled.
• Watched Tangled again.

What did you do??

– Bert & Duke

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