#TBT Bert & Duke, Pretend Twins

Hey guys,
What if we were twins? What if, instead of being 2 1/2 years apart, we were exactly the same age? How awesome would that be?

Here’s a glimpse of what we looked like at the same ages.

Month 1: sleeping, crying, drooling

Month 2: even more sleeping, crying, drooling

Month 3: lots of smiling! even more drooling

Month 4: do babies do anything besides cry, sleep, and drool? Not these babies!

Month 5: Hey, that’s a cupcake?!

Month 6: Man, we were cute kids.

Month 7: Sitting still is for infants.

Month 8: You’re gonna have to be quicker than that if you don’t want us to get that cupcake.

Month 9: Cupcake/sign, we’ll eat it all.

Month 10: Think only newborns drool? Think again.

Month 11: Mama’s funny with her attempts at cupcake/sign preservation.

1 year olds: Well, that was easy, right, Mama & Dada?

2 year olds: Finally, we get some cake around here.

3 year olds: “Threenagers”? We don’t know what you’re talking about.

Here’s to many, many more.
– Bert & Duke

Welcome to The Show

What’s The Show, you ask? It’s a performance Duke and I put on pretty much anytime we’re in the Toy Pit for over an hour. The Show involves a lot of prep (costume design, ticket design and construction, ticket line construction, fighting over who gets to cut the tickets and who gets to give them out/collect them, announcing The Show). After our standard announcement, “Ladies & gentleman! Boys & girls of all ages!”, the actual Show usually then takes about 10 seconds, until we realize we have no actual performance prepared. But this last snow day, The Show really came together.
I think the key was having Duke run front-of-house/ticket management and also being somewhat loosy-goosy with the props. A Batman cape? Sure! A jumprope? Alright! A book? Why not? Ball? Toy dog? Pencil? Yes, yes and yes.
See for yourself:

Special thanks to our VIP guests, JD and Victoria. You were a great audience.

Also, I don’t care what Mama says, tights are totally pants.

– Bert

An Open (Video) Letter to the Thomas & Friends Underwear Designers

Dear Thomas & Friends Underwear Designers,

I love your underwear; I really do. But sometimes, say, once a week or so, they drive me to tears. The problem is quite simple. WHY IS THOMAS ON THE BACK? Do you get that I can’t see Thomas once I put on the undies? I. Can’t. See. Him. God, I hope I don’t start crying again right now. Anyway, my Mama helped me make this video. I hope you will reconsider your design. And please don’t give me some willy-nilly excuse about the bum of the undies having more fabric than the front. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Please watch:

Good day,
– Duke