I am 6.

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that I was a little 5-year old. Now, I’m 6. I know God is a wizard, pasta is delicious, and marriage is overrated, even if you really like staring at a boy named Julian every single day at recess. Every day, I tell Mama about how I stared at Julian. She asks if it’s a game, or if it bothers Julian, but she doesn’t understand, that that’s just a thing I do. I know that making the world a better place is as simple as making fake ladybugs and hanging them in the sky, that someone needs to teach little kids how to paint inside the lines and that someone is me, and that everything is awesome, including the song Everything Is Awesome.

Let me expound a bit:

To see how much I’ve grown, here’s last year’s video, the year before, and God how long have I been doing this, the year before that.

But you’re never too old for a bounce house party, and here are a few shots from mine.

God, imagine how much I’ll know when I’m 7!

– Bert

3 thoughts on “I am 6.

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