Books for Baby A

We’re meeting a new baby friend this weekend! His name’s Baby A and he’s less than one year old, so that’s like being zero years old. We picked out some of our favorite old baby books to give to him.


Duke’s favorite: Good Night Moon
I used to call this “Pigeons”; I never told anyone why. Mama asked why it was my favorite; I said, “I love when…I don’t know, I just love it.” Mama does not love it, and she cites the creepy old bunny lady as reason #1. – Duke

Bert’s favorite: Blue Hat, Green Hat
“Because it’s so silly” – Bert

Other commentary:
Yum Yum Dim Sum:
“Baby A might not like it when he’s a baby, but he might like it when he grows up.” – Bert

Quiet Loud:
“Will this book be too loud for Baby A?” – Mama
“Yes” – Duke
“Maybe his mom can do a whisper for quiet and her regular voice for loud.” – Bert

No No Yes Yes:
“What will Baby A learn from this book?” – Mama
“To draw on the walls.” – Bert (you’re welcome, Baby A’s parents)

The Going To Bed Book:
“This book is called The Going To Bed Book, do you think it will help Baby A sleep better?” – Mama
“Yes!” – Bert and Duke (Hope this makes up for the drawing on the walls.)

Welcome to the wonderful world of reading, Baby A!

– Bert & Duke