Worldwide Exclusive Video: Duke at Age 4

Do you remember what it was like when you were 4? I do, because I am. It’s a pretty exciting age, because you can do EVERYTHING yourself, including PUTTING ON YOUR OWN TOOTHPASTE, GETTING YOUR OWN WATER OUT OF THE FRIDGE DISPENSER, USING A KNIFE, and yelling at your parents about how you can indeed do all these things BY YOURSELF. Also, I can read, or a tleast fake it really, really well based on the powers of memorization and train passion.

Here’s where I tell you everything you need to know about my life: 

In case you wondered, this is what little 3-year old me had to say about similar topics. And here’s what Bert was like when she was 4.

-George (Duke), Age 4

4 thoughts on “Worldwide Exclusive Video: Duke at Age 4

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