Ask Hazy: Episode 6, “Boys”


Kelly E and I both like fashion, boys, and sticking out our tongues in photos, so I guess I’m cool with her saying we’re Best Friends.
This week on the show, she asks, “How do I know if a boy really likes me?” Cher says it’s in his kiss, Whitney says don’t trust your feeling. Here’s my take.
Spoiler alert: I’m 3 1/2.

Ask George


Oh so Bert gets a show and I don’t? Not on my watch! Bert already gets to eat the gummi bear vitamins and hogs all the bath crayons and face forward in the car.

Here’s my show. Don’t call it a spinoff. I’m not the Joey to her Friends; I’m not the Lisa Bonet to her Keshia Knight-Pulliam. How do I know these references? Don’t worry about it.
Instead, watch “Ask George” and admit it’s just as good, if not better than “Ask Hazy”.