Ask Hazy Episode 8: On Cheese & Its Potential Depression

Guys, we’re back on track with Episode 8. This episode’s question came from friend of the show, Anne A, and concerns a subject that’s very, very, very important to me and Duke: cheese. Duke and I eat three kinds of cheese: American, string, and Opa (which you may call “cheddar”). Sometimes I ask Mama if we can have cheese & crackers, but guess what? I never eat the crackers. What’s the point? They’re not cheese. If you so much as mention the word cheese, you better have some on your person or Duke will cut you. And I’ll be the one handing him the knife. Anyway, I digress.
Anne A asks, “Do you think cheese ever gets sad and wants to get left alone?”. I think you’ll see from my response that I feel pretty strongly about this issue.

What else would you like to ask me, about cheese or other things? Ask in the comments section please.