Bert, the Teenage Years

Welp, I’m officially a teenager. You will be surprised (relieved) to know that I still don’t roll my eyes that much or yell, “I wish I’d never been born!” at my parents. I know my parents are.

Here’s my 11th annual birthday interview:

I’ve been doing these interviews for 10 years now. Here’s my first one.

Here’s what my life is like now:

  • I get up at 5:45 every weekday morning. That gives me just enough time to get dressed, do my hair, empty half the dishwasher, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth before my dad drives me to school at 6:40.
  • I don’t make my bed, mainly because it’s a loft bed but also because “nobody sees it.”
  • I still play hockey and soccer (two teams) and love them both. I do not like running.
  • When it comes to eating, I’m generally more like my dad (eat to live) versus my mom (live to eat), except when it comes to my Opa’s cooking, in which case I can and will eat as much as he’s willing to make.
  • I started at Boston Latin Academy, one of the top ranked middle/high schools in Massachusetts this fall. At first, I didn’t totally dig it, but now I really like it. I’ve made a bunch of new friends there, plus I’m lucky my old friends Evie, Beatrix, and Anjuli are all there with me. I earned all A’s and A+’s this year. My mom says nerds are cool so there’s that.
  • I love Latin and Math class the best.
  • I can whistle loudly enough to be heard across a crowded soccer field.
  • My Spotify mix, HAZY: The Complete Record, is 27 hours and 51 minutes long. It has everything from Dua Lipa to AC/DC, Ace of Base to Weird Al Yankovic.
  • I’m learning to play piano and recently learned “A Spoonful of Sugar” because my Dad is a Mary Poppins superfan.
  • I love dogs, especially mine, and keep begging my mom to let us adopt a third dog, preferably a puppy.
  • I spend my weekends watching movies with my family, playing sports or watching George play, playing Minecraft or Roblox on my laptop, or at the occasional bat mitzvah or birthday party.
  • This summer, I’ll go to day camp at this sweet place in Dedham that has a water park and laser tag, a week at hockey camp at Warrior Arena (where the Bruins practice!), a week at soccer camp, and a week in Colorado with my mom, visiting my Uncle Marco and Auntie Jamie.
  • In the fall, I”ll start 8th grade. Gulp.

-Hazel (Bert)