Life as a 7-year old

Hello, my long lost friends. It’s me, George (formerly Duke). Last October (seriously, Mama?), I turned 7. And even though technically, I’m closer to 8 now (I mean, really, Mama), this post is about my 7-year old milestones.

Here are some exciting developments in my life:

  • I’ve lost a bunch more teeth. A couple the normal way, one via head butt (not self-inflicted, cough cough, Hazy), and one via basketball to the face. And guess what? The Tooth Fairy doesn’t give you extra for forced tooth losses. I mean, what the? Check yourself before you wrickety-wreck yourself, TF.
  • I’m over Star Wars. Titanic is the new Star Wars. The night I saw Titanic, I also lost a tooth, and it was the best night of my life. I have a Titanic model, Titanic tickets, a replica Titanic menu, and I’ve asked for Titanic Legos, but Mama claims they don’t make them, at least not for less than $2,000. Worth it.
  • Way back in October when I filmed my interview, I had a different favorite movie. Spoiler alert: it’s Paul Blart Mall Cop. I know what you’re thinking, Paul Blart Mall Cop II is arguably better. But what can I say? I’m a stickler for the original.
  • I now play soccer, baseball, and hockey. I think I’m pretty great at all of them. Dad says I need to practice, but I reminded him that Mama already said I’m good, so I’m good. Also, I beat Mama at H.O.R.S.E. more than half the time, and I’m pretty sure she’s actually trying.
  • I’ve also been working on my cooking.


    If you liked Opa Eggs™, you’ll love Designer Impostors George Eggs.

  • I’ve been getting into dancing, mostly hip hop. I can floss, I can dab, I can do other moves you (my mom) don’t even know the names of. Did you know there are over a dozen instrumental versions of Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack? My Spotify does!
  • I’m really into reading. I’ve even been known to quote literature. And by literature, I mean Dog Man books.
  • Some things haven’t changed. I’m still very strongly Team Cheese, and I’m still pro-tablet and office supplies. 

Here’s a little taste of my 7-year old wisdom, including the meaning of life, a hilarious flag anecdote, and a glimpse of some of my favorite things.

Pretty mature, eh? Wonder what this little guy would think of me now.

Thanks for reading/watching!

-George (formerly Duke)

On Aging

Guys, I’m 10 now. I’m not gonna just sit here, in this gross microfiber glider and smile and clap like your little monkey. That’s 9-month old business.

Here’s what I am gonna do:
1) Check out this awesome brown blanket and not look at camera.
2) Assault this Pooh character who keeps looking at me like I owe him some donut.
4) Casually reach for donut and hope Mama’s too busy snapping photos to stop me.
5) Steady… steady…
6) Frosting! I understand now, Bert, I understand.
7) It feels so funny in your hands.
8) Slowly, slowly, so she doesn’t get antsy.
9) Look at camera. Throw her a bone.
10) Shove more frosting in mouth.
11) Leave mess in wake.
12) Leave Pooh in sorry, sorry shape. Tough break, sucker.

In other news:
• I have two teeth now (bottom front).
• I throw my arms up in the air on command (I’d be a model robbery victim).
• I eat everything now. Except Earth’s Best Organic Elmo Pasta.
• I worship Bert. Everything she does is funny, don’t you think?
• I like playing drums. Sometimes I carry my drumstick around with me everywhere, and if Mama tries to take it from me, I make my angriest sound.
• I say Dada more than Mama these days, which Mama doesn’t like.

– Duke