Ask Hazy Episode 10: Astrophysics


In which I answer a question from Nikolina S, future famous astrophysicist, “Should we try to detect or create dark matter?”. Well, we already know Duke’s answer, which is “no, thank you”, which he yells 300 times during this video.
Here are some things we were able to edit from this video:
– Mama attempting to answer “What side is each?” which is how I ask what the pros and cons of each are. Mama is about as much of an astrophysicist as I am. The only reason she passed Physics class in college is due to a kindly nerd named Ronald, and the closest thing she took to Astrophysics is a class in college nicknamed “Stars”, where she did the crossword. Sorry, Oma & Opa.
– Gross banana eating noises. You’re welcome.
– Duke yelling, “No, thank you!” a bajillion more times. Duke yelling, “Mama!!” because he’s not getting all the attention. I’m the one with a TV show, thank you very much, Duke.
– The break we took from discussing dark matter to put that rose in my hair. Cute, right?

Anyway, I think we can all learn something from this video. Like, hey, maybe clean your kitchen sometime, Mama & Dada.

– Bert