A Very Special Episode (#4, if you’re keeping track) of Ask Hazy


Marker Pants

Marker Pants

This will be even more special than when Punky Brewster said no to grass or when DJ went on that crash diet before Kimmy’s pool party. Why? Because it’s sponsored by my extremely awesome and one-in-a-two-million friend, Sienna. So, make sure you watch to the very end so you get all the specialness.

If you forgot to write down the name of Sienna’s Flower Garden page, here it is.

And, in case you were wondering:

Buckle My Shoe Dress (See? You have one already, Sienna.)

buckle my shoe dress (See? You have one already, Sienna.)

phone boots

phone boots

car socks

car socks (available in hearts or stars; you should wear hearts)

– Bert