This One Goes to 11

And by this one, I mean me, George (Duke). I turned 11, guys!

Bert made me my cake. (Mom finally realized outsourcing is better.)

Here are all the answers to the questions my mom deemed important over a decade ago (she’s persistent if not shrewd):

A lot has happened since I turned 10. I can’t remember all of it, but here are some highlights:

  • I became the proud parent of six fish: Tony Stark, Eddie Brock, Dr. Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Natasha Romanoff. Tony, Eddie, and Bruce died of natural causes (dirty tank? over/underfeeding?). We’re pretty sure Bucky murdered and ate Steve and Natasha, because their bodies were never recovered. Only Bucky knows what really happened.
  • I got a suit and wore the crap out of it.
  • I ate about 300 Dunkin’ bacon, egg & cheese Wake Up Wraps.
  • I finished 4th grade and started 5th.
  • I had several awesome vacations: NYC (I saw Hamilton!), West Palm Beach (I saw Oma and Opa!), Lake Sunapee (I tried paddleboarding), Providence (there was a Tall Person Convention at our hotel!), and Provincetown (I saw Cher!*).
  • I was the drummer in a rock band called Fish (yeah, not Phish)
  • I caught a giant bluefish!
  • I learned how to make manicotti, sesame style noodles, pork loin in prosciutto, and steamed pork dumplings.
  • I rocked a mohawk (sometimes blue), a fauxhawk, and a British rocker ‘do.
  • I got better at baseball and my summer team, the Stars, won the championship.
  • I created the Charcuterito™ – a charcuterie board wrapped up in a tortilla
  • I met Bruins great Dave Pastrnak at hockey camp.
  • I brought Covid home to the family. Only Mom didn’t get it, which she handled well.

Overall, I feel pretty good about being 11. (I mean, I gave life a 10/10 after all.)

Until next year,

Duke (George)

*fine, it was a drag impersonator named Thirsty Turlington.