MTV Cribs – Big Girl Bed Edition

Duke had his Cribs episode, and now it’s my turn. Here’s a glimpse into my room.

ImageWhat would they have said if I’d been a boy? “It’s a boy! (Sorry!)”?

ImageThese are all my treasures, including: a picture of myself, all my money, my camera, my jar of things, a picture of Georgie, a lock of my baby hair, and a mosaic that Mama and I spent 200 hours doing.

ImageThese are my guys, dressed in sweaters of the months. Who wears a sweater in July? Mr. Bear, duh.

ImageAccording to Mama, it took longer to put up this mural than it did to paint the Sistine Chapel. God forbid you peel one little leaf while you’re bored…

ImageTreasures on my bookshelf include: Christmas candles that I’ve hoarded, Chinese chips, Buddha baby, my yellow-light/green-light clock that tells me when to get out of bed, and my book collection.

ImageSome select pages from my favorite books, including Little Pea, Lin & The Dragon, Quiet Loud, and Yum Yum Dim Sum.

ImageDuke gave me this chair when he was born. I don’t know when he found the time to shop.

ImageA small, small part of my shoe collection, including the sparkly black heels I suckered Mama into buying me.

As for my ride, I asked for a big girl bike for my birthday. I’ll keep you posted.

– Bert

Wake Up Call(s)

It’s been a while since we did a public service announcement. In this post, we’re gonna teach you when it’s appropriate to yell for your Mama and/or Dada after they’ve put you to bed and walked all the way back downstairs. The short answer: anytime!


“It’s too bright in here!” is something you could yell to make your parents come upstairs.


Once in a while, ask for cake at 4 am. You know what they say, “it never hurts to ask”.

But here are some specific circumstances:

  • You thought you saw a face in your closet (the one you made your mom leave open, with a light on inside).
  • You’re thirsty.
  • You have to pee.
  • You peed in your bed.
  • Your Twilight Turtleâ„¢ turned off, as it automatically does after 45 minutes.
  • You’re too hot.
  • You’re too cold.
  • Your sock fell off.
  • There’s a weird shadow in the corner (due to the closet light).
  • Mama or Dada forgot to turn on your frog/elephant (humidifier).
  • EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You just felt like yelling that.
  • Nightmare
  • You forgot to tell Mama about the Lego tower you made for her.
  • Your lips are dry.
  • Your mouth hurts. When Mama asks, “Where in your mouth?”, point to your nose.
  • You just can’t. stop. crying.
  • They went out on a date and had a few drinks.
  • They have to get up early tomorrow.
  • You want your Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You don’t like Lammy/Pooh Bear/Ducky.
  • You want to go uppy.

You’re welcome!

Call you later, Mama & Dada.

– Bert & Duke

Bert & Duke cover band

Did you know we have a cover band? We’ll get back to you on the name. For now, we’re taking suggestions in the comments section.

Here we are warming up:

We perform mostly Disney songs, pop songs, and classics like Cherry Bomb and Brass Monkey. Occasionally/every day, we also sing reggae, specifically Bob Marley. Here’s a taste for ya.

Now technically, this is a kids’ song, but we think Steven (of “Sweet Emotion” fame) could definitely make this into a rock song:

This is kind of a kids’ song because Miley sings it and she’s a kid, and also because it has kiddie lyrics like “la di da di”:

We’ll let you know when our album drops.

– Bert & Duke